Tartakower – Austrian Volunteer

Tartakower – Austrian Volunteer

Prager Tagblatt, August 23, 1914:


Chess Master Tartakower – Austrian Volunteer

Revenge for Mother and Sister

Dr. Tartakower, famous chess master and native Russian, joined the Austrian-Hungarian army to fight against the Russians. When Dr. Tartakower appeared before the military authorities and asked to be enlisted, he was initially dismissed. The chess master, whose name is known and famous for numerous succesful chess tournaments, was visibly devastated by this decision and repeated his request in such a forceful way that he was asked for a reason for his plea. Dr. Tartakower said that only the thirst for revenge was driving him to go against Russia. During a pogrom the so-called Russian people threw his unfortunate mother out of a window so that she fell to her death with a crushed skull. His sister had her eyes gouged out.

“If my wish is fulfilled,” Dr. Tartakower ended his account with tears in his eyes, “and if I only kill one single Russian before I die, I would be the happiest man.”

This shocking statement indeed led to the doctor and famous chess master joining as an ordinary foot soldier.

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