Caricatures from Haifa 1976

Caricatures from Haifa 1976

The daily bulletin of the 1976 Chess Olympiad in Haifa was pretty bare-boned. It had little besides games and results, but occasionally a caricature broke the monotony. Here follows a collection of the best and most interesting sketches.

The Philipines vs. Israel. Samuel Estimo and Nathan Birnboim in front. Behind them is Cesar Caturla and Shimon Kagan. Israel won the match 3-1.
90-year old Edward Lasker, who visited the Haifa Olympiad as a kibitzer.
Robert Byrne scored 7/10 on 1st board for the winning American team.
Vladimir Liberzon, 1st board for Israel.
Ludek Pachman representing West Germany. This was his first and only Olympiad for his new home country. He had previously played 8 Olympiads for Czechoslovakia.
Genna Sosonko scored 6/8 for the Netherlands and won a prize for best 2nd board player.
The Netherlands defeated Scotland 2½-1½ in the 2nd round. Craig Pritchett and Jan Timman on board 1 was a draw.

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  1. Interesting Site! Can someone identify the “ROSS” artist who completed sketaches cr. 1976 Haifa Olympiad. Thank you.

    1. Unfortunately the bulletin doesn’t mention his name, so I’m not able to help you.
      – Chess Marginalia

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