Notes on Louis Zollner, part 1

Notes on Louis Zollner, part 1

Louis Zollner’s Name and Family

According to this 1860 census his name was Laurits Ludvig Zøllner. His father, Carl Georg Ludvig Zøllner, worked as a butcher, and his mother, Charlotte Steenstrup, was 7 years older than her husband and hailed from Norway. At the time of the census Zollner was 6 years old and had three brothers.

This article from 1987 briefly tells the story of how Carl Georg Ludvig Zøllner started his butcher company:

My great grandfather drove around and sold meat from a horse-drawn carriage. At one point money was so tight he had to sell the horse. His sons helped, and in 1867 he was able to purchase a house and plot for 7000 rigsdaler. Since then the business has been in the family’s possession.

The company no longer exists.

Business and Moving to England

A rich source on Zollner’s life is a 7-page article in Chess, November 1938, pp. 96-102:

Louis Zollner was born near Copenhagen, on April 17th, 1854. The Copenhagen Commercial Academy acknowledged him their most brilliant pupil for years. In 1869 he went into a shipping business in Elsinore. [Helsingør. ed.] (…) he came over in 1875 to take up an important consular post in Manchester.

(…) After four years he went to Newcastle.

(…) He brought live stock from Denmark and subsequently inaugurated an important trade with Iceland, from which country he used to ship fifty to sixty thousand sheep and about four thousand horses each year. A fleet of steamers assisted this trade. He formed the Iceland Co-operative Societies.


More from Chess:

His work has brought him several high distinctions: he is a commander of the Dannebrog, a Grand Knight of the Iceland Falcon, and a knight of the Norwegian Order of Saint Olaf (first degree). Eleven years ago he was received in audience by the King of Denmark, our photograph showing him in the uniform he wore on that occasion.

Zollner - Chess 1938-39 p99

The Wager

From Chess:

At forty-three years of age he won a novel wager, racing a yacht from Portsmouth to Newcastle on his bicycle. Yacht and Mr. Zollner left Portsmouth together on a Saturday. He arrived in Newcastle on Monday hours before the yacht … and roads and bicycles (let it not be forgotten) were vastly inferior forty years ago to those of to-day.

The Trophy

Photo from Chess:

Viking Trophy


Part 2

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    1. Yes, b. Montréal 23 Sept. 1938. Father Andreas Wilhelm Zollner b. Newcastle 1884 to Nels, brother of Louis.

  1. Just stumbled across this web page. Louis Zollner was my great uncle by marriage. I was born in New Zealand in 1935.

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